Friday, January 21, 2011

a little update

This is me and my mama at the APS light parade the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We had a fun time. The kids loved it and then cried when we wouldn't let them sit on Santa's lap. (The line was over an hour long) So instead we went to Bill Johnson's and got 55cent cobbler/pies. They like the icecream. I did too.

This is the turkey I made for Thanksgiving. Anything bacon wrapped is delicious, right? too bad almost no one in our family likes turkey. they missed out on the goodness. at least it was pretty!!

Baby #6 will be arriving soon. & it's TAX SEASON! (it's like a holiday season around here... well, tax day is anyway) ha ha.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Our house in SanTanValley will be available to rent come November! If you, or anyone you know is looking to rent, let us know!

It's 1700sq. ft, 4bed, 2 bath, split floor plan, large front and backyard, in the circle part of the culdesac. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


MellowYellow & ShirtJunkie are being featured in this blog:
The Craft Floozy

So exciting!!!!

Even more exciting is that she is hosting a give-a-way for each shop!!!
ShirtJunkie & MellowYellow!

GO VISIT and enter to win!!! Tell your friends!

Friday, July 30, 2010

oh how i wish

we got to go to this 2 years ago.... um besides the humorous fact that most couldn't understand why we weren't taking the wine glasses... um HELLO... we were there for the 10 different cupcake shops, 5 different asian restaurants, and lots of different AMAZING dining places SAMPLES!!!! it was neat to see some mainstage, live demonstrations,,, but the food, oh the food was so great! and the classes... I'd spend all day in classes if they weren't $10 per half hour! I loved trying things that i'd want to try in a restaurant but wouldn't have enough money to get a 'tester meal'... know what i mean?
here's to wishing!!! (while holding up my water glass and cupcake!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


anyone have some extra time to share?
or tips to cope with a child with a tinge of attitude, one with a over-exuberance for sneakiness, one that falls on the floor when spoken to, & another that is more stubborn than myself?

any and all help welcomed. (be kind. i love being a mom. summer is just hitting a little too hard right now)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We're doing the summer reading program at our house.
We have one very ambitios worker & another that needs a little (and sometimes a lot) poking and proding to do work. Then there are the younger ones that sort of follow along and do what they can when necc.

At the library the older 2 are getting their 2nd prizes for reading books, the younger 2 getting their first prizes:
child 3: (mad b/c he didn't get the same 1st prize that the older 2 got) ugh! I wanted a water bomb!
child 1: you are in a different reading group so you get different prizes. It's okay, we'll play with your prize on the slip'n'slide today.
child 3: ya, i am in a different group. i have to rent books and look at pictures. then i get prizes.

**honestly, i was shocked that he knew/thought that! ha ha. when we started the program i told the them that in order for the younger 2 to earn their stickers, either they or i would have to read to the younger 2. If they read, it would count on both the charts. If i read it would only count on the younger one's charts. ..... Picture books!!! ah ha ha ha.

Monday, May 24, 2010

check it out!

check out the new addition to Mellow Yellow!