Friday, January 21, 2011

a little update

This is me and my mama at the APS light parade the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We had a fun time. The kids loved it and then cried when we wouldn't let them sit on Santa's lap. (The line was over an hour long) So instead we went to Bill Johnson's and got 55cent cobbler/pies. They like the icecream. I did too.

This is the turkey I made for Thanksgiving. Anything bacon wrapped is delicious, right? too bad almost no one in our family likes turkey. they missed out on the goodness. at least it was pretty!!

Baby #6 will be arriving soon. & it's TAX SEASON! (it's like a holiday season around here... well, tax day is anyway) ha ha.


  1. Heidi! I don't have your email address anymore! I lost all of my email contacts. :( ANYHOW...I sent something to's coming from Khols. I thought I'd tell you since I forgot to click to put a gift note!
    Hope all is well! My new email address is

  2. Me again....wondering how you all are!!!!